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NOVEMBER 16, 2012

On June 24, 1999, the Thibodaux Number 2 well, which was being drilled under the direction and supervision of The Meridian Resource & Exploration Company, encountered problems while casing was being installed which eventually culminated in a buildup of pressure and the ultimate blowout of the well.

On June 25, 1999, the well began to vent hydrocarbons and other subsurface substances, caught fire and burned uncontrolled for almost two weeks.  The Thibodaux Number 2 well is located approximately two miles to the southeast of the Town of Amelia near the convergence of Bayou Chene and Bayou Black.

As a result of the blowout, fallout was reported by residents within a three mile radius of the well site; businesses adjacent to the well site, including the McDermott yards, were evacuated and shut down for several days following the blowout, with employees sent home without pay; and the residents of Avoca Island, which is situated directly across from the well site, were evacuated for almost seven weeks.  Additionally, there were over 400 individuals with mineral rights in the properties included within the geographic mineral unit for the Thibodaux Number 2 well who suffered losses due to an underground blowout that our experts identified.

Members of St. Martin & Bourque served as Class Counsel and directed all phases of the case. A class-wide settlement in excess of $7 million was ultimately reached.