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APRIL 7, 2013

Our client was moving a John Deere tractor with a hay baler along the shoulder of Highway 90 in St. Charles Parish when an 18-wheeler unsuccessfully attempted to pass, striking the rear of the hay baler, pushing it 78 feet from the point of impact causing our client to be ejected.

As a result of the accident the client sustained closed head injuries, multiple abrasions and cuts to his head, face, right arm, upper back, hip, thigh, leg and ankle, and multiple cervical fractures. The man ultimately underwent a 2-level anterior cervical fusion along with carpal tunnel surgery and an ulnar decompression related to injuries to his wrist and shoulder. Additionally, our client was diagnosed with post-concussion syndrome resulting in vertigo and cognitive and emotional disability.

After two years of litigation, the lawyers of St. Martin & Bourque were able to successfully negotiate a settlement of $1,000,000 on behalf of our client.