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MAY 8, 2013

Our client, a resident of the United Kingdom, was assigned as a floorhand to a jack-up drilling rig working in the Gulf of Mexico. Our client was working on the drill floor when a metal plate/cover on the rig’s top drive fell approximately ninety feet to the rig floor and struck the plaintiff on the left side of his body. Our client suffered numerous injuries, including a left brachial plexus injury, several broken ribs, fractures of several lumbar vertebrae, injury to his spinal cord, a ruptured spleen, contusions to his liver and lungs, an open fracture and dislocation of the left ankle, ruptured tendons and dislocation of the right ankle, along with other internal injuries.

Our client was trapped under the metal plate until the plate was removed by one of his co-workers. Our client was flown to shore and initially underwent surgery to remove his spleen and repair his numerous internal injuries. Our client subsequently underwent five surgeries on his left ankle, a surgery on his right ankle, and a five level fusion of his spine involving pedicle screws and fixator rods. Our client was hospitalized for approximately six months following the accident during which time he underwent extensive physical and occupational therapy.

As a result of his injuries, our client, who was 23 years old at the time of the accident, was rendered a paraplegic and now has limited use of his left arm because of his brachial plexus injury. Our client did not have a severed spinal cord, but suffered extensive nerve damage in the lumbar spine in the area of the fractured vertebrae. Our client did have a return of bowel, bladder and sexual function. Our experts opined that his special damages, including his future life care plan, were approximately 4.5 to 5 million dollars. Our client’s claims were settled at mediation for $11,000,000.